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Element Nic Salt Pods

Element Nic Salt Pods

Nicotine salts (Nic Salts) are a naturally occurring blend, extracted directly from the tobacco leaf.

Nic salt-based e-liquids are absorbed into your system faster than standard freebase nicotine e-juice, giving you a much quicker kick and helping to stave off your nicotine cravings.

They also provide a smoother overall vape, without the harshness associated with traditional high nicotine strength e-liquids.

A great alternative for smokers making the switch to vaping.

  • 10ml of Nic Salt E-Liquid
  • 60PG/40VG E-Liquid
  • Child-proof Bottle
  • Manufactured in the UK

Element Nic Salt Pods

3 for £12

Element Nic Salt Pods


Vendor Element
SKU 71941
Type Eliquid-Salt-Nic